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Music, Science, and Everything in Between

By Brooke Kilmurray

Note: these answers are subjective/opinion-orientated.

To all those like myself, who only experience music through Spotify (which to me is one of the best creations this world has ever seen, besides my very loud music speaker) this article is for you, containing the Music INS and OUTs is for you.


I am not sure about you, but in today's world, I consider listening to music as an essential element of everyday life. Whether you're listening to your top hits in a study, losing your voice at a certain Taylor Swift Concert, or even dancing to the iconic quad music, music is now considered to be an essential part of daily life, one that I could not live without!

But as you all would know, musical taste differs from person to person and is commonly used to judge a person. Hence, music can be very controversial to some people. These judgments come in all forms, to me the big ones are: Who do you listen to and how often? For my sister, the ‘how often’ bothers her the most, when she hears the same song on repeat (Oops, My Bad!).

Moving on… Below are the interesting findings scientists say about music taste and what I have gathered from them. 


1. Countless science experiments have gathered that music taste is linked to personality (see below websites).

Nothing to say here -> I mean who can argue with countless science experiments?


2. A 2013 Study examined data from 2 studies of over 250,000 individuals which gathered, "Young people listen to music significantly more than adults".

Now I cannot speak for the adults, however, on behalf of the teenagers, I don’t doubt it! I'm pretty sure Spotify-Wrapped says it all!!


3. A 2021 study gathered, "Younger people tend to like intense music and older people tend to dislike it," according to David M. Greenberg, a researcher at Bar-Ilan University and the University of Cambridge.

Again, this is a controversial one. Not everyone likes 'intense' music (rap, loud sounds, pop and dance) but one thing for me is that older people do tend to dislike it!


In conclusion, whilst music is valued in our everyday lives, music preferences and trends and even our opinions, can all change. Thus remember that regardless of these factors, music is the language we all speak, no matter who we are.




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