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Letters to Buddies

By Rose Cunningham

Buddies are such an incredible part of Loreto Life. We appreciate you so much and your kindness means the world your year 7 buddies. So, as a thank you, we have asked some of year 7 to write a message to their year 12 buddies.

Dear Shannan

Thank you so much for this year. I really enjoyed getting to know you through our daily locker catch ups and tutor groups. I really appreciate how you always had advice on a good way to organise my notebook or how to study. Thankyou for always being there when I needed you and always having a laugh. Good luck in your exams and I hope that you get into whatever courses that you choose. I know that this has been a strange year, but you will do incredible things in the future. I am so lucky that I knew you in year 7 and I know that all of Mulhall will miss you.

From Rosie

Dear Claudia,

Thank you so much for always being there for me, supporting me and being so caring all the time! I haven’t spent a lot of time with you, but from my first day to your last, you have been so kind and so friendly. You were always there for me and you always had a smile on your face! Good luck for all your future endeavours. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished! You inspire me and motivate me so much and I am so grateful for that!

From Elina

Dear Eloise

Thank you for being my Year 12 buddy this year. I am sad that your leaving this year. But I guess that we must move on. I hope that you do amazing things out there after you graduate from Loreto. I will miss you every much and I will think about you. It was so much fun getting to know you this year.

From Julia

Dear Liv

Thank you for being such an amazing buddy. You are so sweet, and you have always looked after me. Thanks again for always being there for me when I have needed you. Hope you do well in your exams and hope you enjoy what you choose to do. I know you will do really well in whatever you chose

Love your favourite buddy,


Dear Zana

I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me throughout this year. I have really loved talking to you before assemblies and at our lockers. You’ve made Loreto such a great and caring place. As a year 7, I feel lucky to have known you in my first year of high school. I wish I had more time to get to know you. Nonetheless, you have been such a great role model and I’ll never forget you. Remember we are all here for you in Aston and we’ll miss you loads. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and exams. Know that we are all cheering you on in Aston and whenever you have a bad day, there are always people to turn to. Thank you so much for all your support this year, I will miss you!

From Lilli

Dear Sophie,

I am so glad to have had you as a buddy and will miss you. You have been so kind, caring and always look out for me and I wish you luck for a bright future ahead. Good luck on the HSC! I know that Maye will miss you so much and will always look forward to seeing you out and about!

Love from Emma xx

Dear Bridie,

Thank you. Thank you so much for being so caring for me and funny. Over the time of this year so much has happened and you are someone that inspired me a lot. Over this tiring and complicated year, you have pushed through to complete your dreams for the future and I am so proud of the amazing and mature person you have become and how much you have accomplished throughout this hard period of time. I really wish you great luck for your future and I know that you will pursue your dreams. Thank you for your time with me and how much support and smiles I have seen from you. Thank you.


Dear Maddie,

Thank you for being such an amazing buddy. I have really enjoyed having someone to talk to and ask for advice. I love being able to chat with you around the lockers and in Tutor Group. You have been so kind and helpful, and it has made my experience of settling into high school so much easier. It has been nice to be a member of the Mary Word with you.

From Ruby

Dear Tess Montague,

Thank you so much for being an amazing buddy. Your easy-going attitude made it always easy to talk to. It was always such fun to talk to you. Even when we had to do the interview you always gave me a clear answer and clarified any annoying questions I asked. All around you were always easy and fun to talk to and you will be missed.

From Rachel Walsh


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