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Loreto's First Ever Podcast ft. Ms Ugonotti!

Jess Ingham and Nikie Yang

That’s right, this isn’t clickbait. The Mary Word officially presents the first ever (funny) podcast to grace the ears of Loreto girls.


Kaya Verma, Nikie Yang and Jess Ingham – Year 10 students in Kuring-gai and verified Asians.


A Spotify podcast containing 10-minute episodes about our lives and specifically how they intersect with our culture – so really just fancy words for us telling hilarious stories… E.g. Nikie’s bad grades (even though she is Asian), Kaya’s obsession with celebrity crushes and Jess’ Zappo mental breakdowns (iykyk).


We are featured on 5 platforms (subtle flex) including Spotify and Apple Music. We also have an Instagram account (go follow) called 2andahalfasiansthepodcast (We know, the length of the username really throws us off too)


It all started in 2021 (Year 9 for us) when we released a few badly edited episodes filled with little substance and a lot of giggling. This year, however, we made a brand deal with the Mary Word and decided to revamp the whole idea of our podcast.


During a very eventful joint conversation with our collective tutor (Mrs Cantin, we love you) we were sitting beside each other and making hilarious comments that had nothing to do with the FACE curriculum. We then decided we would be excellent talk show hosts, or we would even have a great podcast… and 2 and a Half Asians was born!

Listen to our latest episode where we interview Ms Ugonotti (that’s right we went straight to the top) about her cultural identity and other random questions about Loreto life!

Not bothered to listen to the whole thing? Here is a shortcut with just the highlights…

Eager for more incredibly funny content? Go follow our Spotify and Instagram for regular updates and new releases.


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1 Comment

Jun 01, 2022

wow these girls are really funny !!!!

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