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By Nat Hardwick

A Creative Piece for Autistic Pride Month - 2023

A perspective quite different from what is considered “normal.”

A gift that is given to that Infinity she herself considers worthy of her secrets.

The children of infinity.

Others try to unlock her secrets with science and neurology,

Studying her children in hopes they will unlock these secrets.

Her secrets and knowledge are only for her children alone and only they will carry them.

By spreading her magic around the world with their voices,

But for those who cannot speak spread her magic with their hands, feet, and incredible minds.

The world sees her gift as a disease, something to be cured or contained.

But the secrets of infinity will always remain a mystery to those who do not bear her gift.

She is what lies at the end of a rainbow,

She is what challenges us to break the status quo and fight against our oppressors,

Their jealousy and fear want to silence us.

But we can never be silenced not even if we are nonverbal.

Her vibrant light shines through the clouds,

Like a rainbow after a summer storm.

Her strength, knowledge, and spirit shine through her children,

As her children, we will spread her radiant light around the world.

We are her and she is us,

We are infinity.


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