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How to Decorate your Desktop

By Elle Nacard

To those reading, haven't you ever felt like it would be cool to have a desktop that didn't look boring? Or messy? Well it's actually just a fifteen minute job to fix all that!

I've made a tutorial for you to follow, files to decorate with, and the availability for you to ask any questions. Hopefully you can follow along fine and find more aesthetic usefulness that you currently do.

In order to follow the video, you will need to access this google drive folder:

If you want a cleaner finish, you should hide your desktop icons (or just keep the files there to a minimum).

With icons, it may look like this:

To remove the icons, right click on your desktop, click view, and click "Show Desktop Icons" in order to hide them. Then it may look more like this:

Don't be afraid to email me or leave a comment if you need help!


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