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How much does this feminist icon truly slay?

Chiara Prinsloo and Feronia Ding

1. Julia Gillard

Pros: Queen, liberal feminist icon, first female PM, sexism misogyny speech

Cons: Weird style. Didn’t really do anything???

2. Taylor Swift

Cons: White Feminist

Pros: She’s my White Feminist

3. J.K Rowling

Pros: Successful woman writer

Cons: Transphobe

4. The Suffragettes

Pros: Got (white) girlies the vote. Arguably origins of feminist movement

Cons: Didn’t really start feminist movement. Racist and classist, poor fashion sense, one of them was almost killed by a horse

5. Elizabeth Holmes

Pros: Woman in Stem

Cons: Con artist. Criminal. Steve Jobs stan, why is she staring into my soul?

6. Angela Davis (<33333)

Pros: Amazing political activist whose prolific writings have dramatically shifted views around areas such as women and how this intersects with race and class

Cons: None at all!!!!!!!!

7. Germaine Greer

Pros: Did some really feminist things, wrote some really feminist books

Cons: Terf. Body shamed Julia Gillard

8. Britney Spears

Pros: Made baldness cool. Good music. Great instagram

Cons: None

9. Margaret Thatcher (0.5 slays for woman. Maybe zero even)

Pros: Woman (first woman brit PM)

Cons: War criminal, apartheid defender + facilitator, milk snatcher

10. Anna Delvey/Sorokin

Pros: Successful female entrepreneur

Cons: In prison, con artist. Bad style

11. Kim Kardashian

Pros: Lawyer, rich

Cons: Her infamous ‘Get your *ss up and work’ speech. Culture vulture (!!!!!)

12. Marco Scali:

Pros: Feminist, wide knowledge of Feminist literature and historical happenings. Ally to the cause!

Cons: None

13. Marina Ugonotti

Pros: Full slayometer. Principal at all girls school, feminist queen, talks about systemic injustice, etc.

Cons: NONE!!!

14. Marie Antionette

Pros: Queen (of France). Didn’t actually say let them eat cake

Cons: Did say let them eat brioche. So she still kinda missed the mark there. Guillotined in French Revolution

15. Azealia Banks

Pros: Good music. Great style. That one photo of her and Florence at Coachella

Cons: Chickens fear her. Very problematic on twitter

16. AOC

Pros: Young woman in politics

Cons: That ugly Met Gala dress

17. Margaret Atwood

Pros: English teachers love her, feminist icon

Cons: Have to study her texts at school, “I got that goddess power”

18. bell hooks

Pros: Feminist icon, revolutionary

Cons: ‘All About Love’ broke me

19. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Pros: Roe v. Wade

Cons: Rip Roe v. Wade


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Audrey Kha
Audrey Kha
Sep 09, 2022

not a lie detected


Emma Frank
Emma Frank
Jun 01, 2022

this article has changed my life

Feronia Ding
Feronia Ding
Jun 01, 2022
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