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Graduation Traditions Around the World

By Clare Horan

Graduation Traditions Around the World

The world is filled with amazing and diverse cultures that are weaved into many different aspects of educational traditions. We have all watched those American movies and tv shows that depict graduations with a cap and gown and walking across a stage to receive a diploma. Whether it was High School Musical 3, Gilmore Girls or even Legally Blond, we have all seen the famous American way of Graduations but what about the rest of the world?

2. Sweden

In Sweden, they gather bright and early in the morning to start the graduation day by drinking champagne. Then when every student receives a leaving certificate, the students run and dance excitedly out of the school with music playing and their families have posters of their baby pictures. For the rest of the day, they party and parade throughout the streets, hire cars and drink. While they don’t wear a cap and gown, they do wear a white sailor-like hat called a studentmössa with their names embroidered on it. It is believed that this tradition was adopted first by Uppsala University in 1845.

2. Argentina

What would you do if your family and friends threw and showered you with food like tomato sauce, egg, flour, and cream on you after you probably spent time preparing your makeup and hair for your graduation? You would probably get shocked and mad but in Argentina, it is a graduation tradition. They do this for fun and to make it obvious that this is a graduate. Some people say that egging is symbolic of future endeavours and new life. Italy participates in this tradition as well.

3. Thailand

Graduation in Thailand is a very formal affair with the dressing of traditional gowns at government universities. These ceremonies are attended by a member of the Royal family of Thailand to hand out the graduates with their certificates.

4. Hawaii

Hawaii’s graduation tradition of the giving of the lei to the students, which is widely spread across the world, especially in the US. Many people give out the lei and represent how much they support the graduate. Hawaii graduates are usually given so much lei that they can barely see as the numerous amounts of lei creates a mountain around their neck.

Even though different parts of the world experience diversely different traditions, most of us value the achievements of dedication and the importance of education. The last 2 years has really shown us, how we forget how connected the world is together and that in times of crisis, we endure it together.


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