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By Erika San Diego

Warning Avengers: Endgame spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched it yet, or don’t care about spoilers about the movie, read on! In this article I have included a range of around 10 Easter eggs that may have gone unnoticed by Marvel fans, some references to the comics and just some fun facts. Enjoy!

1. Easter Egg One: Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, has returned from his house arrest and re-joined the Marvel team! When we see him return, he has come back with a new look, including a new haircut and tattoos on his left arm. These tattoos are quite detailed, but if you look closely you can see it’s a tattoo of the Ronin! If you don’t know who Ronin is, he is an alternate identity of Hawkeye as seen in the comics, and now finally in movies.

2. Easter Egg Two: In the last scene of Avengers: Endgame we are witnesses to Tony Stark’s (aka Iron Man’s) funeral. This is a sad moment in the MCU, and most of the superheroes attend his funeral. While the camera pans the scene, we see the different superheroes, friends, and family that have been a part of Tony’s life. Near the back we set our eyes on a teenager, who looks around 18 or 19. This boy is the young boy in Iron Man 3! His name is Harley Keener and Tony stumbled across his house looking for food and shelter. Harley helps Iron Man and becomes allies with him.

3. Easter Egg Three: A number of people from Marvel sets and the making of the MCU movies cameo in these famous and iconic superhero movies. This includes the great Stan Lee, directors and other important figures or celebrities. Cameos in Avengers; Endgame include Joe Russo (one of the directors) and Russo’s niece and nephews. Joe cameoed during the scene with Captain America/Steve Rogers in the support group after the 5-year time skip. Russo’s niece and nephews cameoed in the scene where a couple of kids ask the new ’brainy hulk’ for a selfie. Ken Jeong also cameoed which brings me onto the next Easter Egg!

4. Easter Egg Four: Ken Jeong made an appearance in the scene where Scott Lang/Ant-Man finally escapes the quantum machine he was stuck in at the end of

Ant-Man and the Wasp (He escaped because of a rat in the storage rooms which pressed the open button again!). Ken Jeong is the security guard of the storage room/cage and is seen reading a book. When inspected further the book is seen to have the title of ‘Terminal Beach’. This book includes a range of short stories, one of these short stories is called Endgame! Coincidence? Or not?

5. Easter Egg Five: Another fun fact is that the number of days Tony stark spent stuck in space with Nebula was 22 days. Nothing special right? But it is! If you count all the Marvel movies, they add up to 22! There have been 22 Marvel movies along a happy, mysterious and heart wrenching journey of the MCU!

6. Easter Egg Six: In Avengers: Endgame we finally get to see the new Asgard, which was on plan to build in the end of Thor Ragnarok. When we eventually see where the asgardians built the new Asgard, it seemed like that this place has some Irish heritage/background. If you watched Thor recently, you can tell this place is where Odin fought the frost giants!

7. Easter Egg Seven: A surprise to all of the fans of the MCU, was that Captain America was worthy of Thor’s (the strongest avenger😂) hammer! This was a shocking development, especially as this was the last Avengers movie. This amazing scene was when Cap, Thor, and Iron Man were fighting past Thanos , and both Thor and Iron Man were struggling to fend off past Thanos. We then see Thor’s hammer hovering off the ground, then Captain America holds it and fights Thanos! As we know the MCU was based off Marvel comics, and quite often, directors add more humorous scenes into the movies, while also cutting off scenes that were originally in the comics. I have researched this scene and discovered that this scene is in fact in the comics! Thank Thor, right?!? Could you imagine not having seen that in the movie?


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