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Asking girls who their Supergirl is at Normo!

By Alessia Anderson

Supergirl week has a different meaning to everyone. To some, it may symbolise finding intrinsic empowerment and confidence in their ability and powers. To others, it represents an opportunity to uplift others and make them recognise their own Supergirl attributes. I believe unity and building one another up is a major aspect of Supergirl week as being surrounded by those who love and support you sparks joy, success and the mindset of a true Supergirl. Hence, I asked some girls across our school who their Supergirl is amongst our community and why they admire them. Here are their answers:

“A Supergirl for me in the school is Mrs Vink. As my head of house, she always aims to make sure that everyone is feeling happy and comfortable. She also constantly checks up on us to make sure that we are travelling smoothly and is happy to help us out or just have a chat with us if we need it. She makes all the Maye girls feel loved and cared for every day which is why she is a Supergirl :)”

- Olivia Alexander

My Supergirls are Grace and Lilly, two of the most incredible people to grace this earth! Lilly and Grace are the sweetest and most considerate people you will ever meet, who never fail to give you the biggest and most genuine smile whenever you see them or for a chat (even with their incredibly busy schedules). Loreto would not be the same without them leading us in creating a warm and inviting place through their contagious kindness.

- Zoe Redwin

“Although our school is full of supergirls, one that particularly comes to mind would be Ms Timmins. I was fortunate enough to have her for a little over a year, during year 8 and the first term of year 9. Not only did she help me soar academically, but she also helped develop my long-lasting passion for english and social justice. Ms Timmins encourages all of her students to make a positive impact in our world, constantly inspiring the next generation of supergirls. I doubt i would be the confident feminist I am today without her support and I am incredibly grateful for her!”

- Becca Zammit

“I don’t have a singular person as my role model in our school seeing that I believe everyone is amazing in their own special way. However, I do look up to the girls in our community who have silently struggled through the distress of enduring mental illness. Experiences like this make them some of the strongest, kindest people I know with an exceptionally empathetic view of the world and mankind.”

- Nihara Gunasekara

“One of my role models is Emma Watson. Emma is a feminist, and a lot of her work is focused on female empowerment and promoting education equality globally. In 2014 she was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill ambassador, and she helped to launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which is a campaign calling men to advocate for gender equality. She brings awareness to important issues that impact women around the globe.”

- Ava Hudson

“My Supergirl is Mrs Langley because she is always the kindest and happiest person in the school. She has left a positive impact on all the girls she’s encountered and makes others want to do the same.”

- Victoria Elliott

To me my Supergirl is Malala Yousufzai. She shows us that she will stand up and do anything for others. She will fight for everyone’s rights. In today’s society we need to be more like Malala and fight against the injustices and discrimination in our world. It is so much easier for us to fight now because of our social media platform and how there are much easier ways to communicate messages.

- Sophia Singh

“My Supergirl at school is Ms Perry. She is always super supportive of me and all the Barry girls and has made a genuine effort to get to know us all. I know that if I’m having a problem or just want a chat, her door is always open for us. While a lot of the work she does goes unnoticed, she always makes a super effort to care for each one of us.”

- Alice Kevans

It might seem obvious, but the first person that comes to mind for me as a Supergirl is Annika Shankar, our amazing SRC captain for this year. Annika and her SRC have put so much hard work into organising every aspect of this week down to the last detail, whether that be cutting a thousand ribbons so every student can receive one, planning activities which encourage us girls to connect and lift each other up, or writing articulate and eloquent speeches which inspire us to use our voices for genuine good. One of the many things that makes Annika a Supergirl is her passion and conviction when standing up for what she believes in, something I truly admire about her. She is hardworking, perseverant and faces any challenge head on.

- Sophie Earle

My friends are Supergirls within the school. They are inspiring and kind to everyone around them. They are caring and supportive and always make me laugh. I love that they are so welcoming to other girls and are always happy to help.”

- Amelia Windever


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