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By Kate Forman, Sophie Ainsworth, Ashleigh Leck, Isabella Tziolis and Abigail Roberts

Loreto Day is fast approaching; can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday that we watched singers that mesmerised us, dancers that made us wonder why we can’t dance like that, and girls with humour and jokes to last a lifetime.

Year 11 has been tirelessly preparing for this monumental day, and we can only hope that the boots Year 12 left us are big enough for us to inevitably fill. In the famous words of Mary Ward, “go where the need is greatest,” so go straight to the fantastic stalls and be prepared to spend all of your hard earned money to go towards the Baby Milk Project! We thank everyone who has been excited for this day, and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we will. “Women in time will come to do great things” - Mary Ward; so start the countdown to Loreto Day because each one of you is doing a great thing just by participating.


This year, Aston has continued the much loved tradition of the Aston Thrift shop in 1.02 GBC! Get ready for some great bargains on some retro clothes, books, movies and so much more. Each item will be priced differently depending on the type. Hopefully we will be able to have a new DJ Scali ready to spin some tunes for everybody to enjoy.

AND don’t forget the new and improved MILKBAR (with the special addition of ice cream sandwiches) which has so many different flavours of milkshakes for $3.50 and thick shakes for $4.50. These delicious goods will be sure to tickle your taste buds with some of the flavours on offer being cookies & cream, chocolate, vanilla and many more. Make sure to come to all of the Aston stalls to raise some money for the amazing cause of the Baby Milk Project!


Each year, Barry famously hosts a disco in rooms 92, 93 and 94. Would it really be Loreto Day without it? With loud trending music, smoke machines, flashing lights and crowds of enthusiastic fellow dancers, this disco is something that makes Loreto Day even more exciting. Come along and dance with your friends for just $2 for a pass! You can leave the room and return anytime by showing the Year 11s that you have already paid using your pass!

This is not all Barry has to offer—we will be selling our delicious classic hot chips for just $3.50, but don’t forget to get them before they sell out!


It is vital that everyone comes to Kendall’s pizza store outside the undercroft to contribute to the Baby Milk Project. Whilst there, don’t forget to stop at the Coin Toss with your gold coins to win the ultimate prize of a block of chocolate or some lollies. We suggest that you hurry over to the stalls as they are quite popular and sell out fast! Honestly, who doesn’t want some pizza? Kendall invites you to really get around the Baby Milk Project, which is super easy because all you have to do is have fun with your friends and eat lots of food.


- Pizza: 1 slice for $2, 1 box for $12

- Coin toss: gold coin donation


Kuring-Gai is introducing a new store this year: Milk and Mex. As a House we have decided to ‘spice’ things up a little, so come along and get your nachos for a total of $5 and enjoy a little country lifestyle and milk a cow in support of the ‘milk’ for miracles. Last year we sold out of nachos really quickly. This year we are selling so much more, so make sure you come to Kuring-Gai’s store early to get yourself some scrumptious nachos. You can also come and take photos with your friends in our decorated hay bale lounge. This is the perfect place for some great Snapchat and Instagram photos with friends. There is a competition on the fastest milker of the cow and there will also be plenty of awesome prizes to win so make sure you come along to our store and get behind such a great cause.


Come down to the much anticipated Haunted House to get the scare of your lifetime. With just a gold coin you can have some fun whilst giving to a great cause in rooms 14-18. You won’t be disappointed! After you’ve headed there, go down to the Mary Ward Quad and grab some lollies, popcorn and a scrunchie and head to Mornane’s throwback theatre for a good time. We can’t wait to see you there!


Make sure to come down to the Mornane stalls this year as we have some great prizes and fun times ahead. The CHOCOLATE WHEEL has made another comeback this year and we have a great line-up of prizes on offer this year for you including Boost vouchers, succulents, stationary and of course…CHOCOLATE! So make sure to head on up to outside Room 35 in the Main Quad and for just $3 for 2 tickets you could be a lucky winner. Also, get excited as this year, Mornane is offering a new stall called the THROWBACK THEATRE! Come on down to the Curran and for just a gold coin entry, you can sit back with blankets and bean bags with your popcorn and lollies purchased from the Maye stall and reminisce on the good old days with some Drake and Josh, iCarly, Hannah Montana and more. Hope to see you there!


Come to Mulhall’s Pancake Stall to get some delicious pancakes and toppings! Toppings include Nutella, Oreos, maple syrup, fruit, ice-cream and more! For just $4.50 you can get 2 pancakes and 2 toppings of your choice. Plus, it is only 50c for each extra topping or $1.50 for an extra pancake. Or, for a bit of fun come down to the bottle toss stall! If you manage to get the ring onto the bottle you can win some great prizes such as lolly bags, or a block of chocolate if you’re a major winner. It’ll be heaps of fun and you can play for just a gold coin donation! See you there!


Mary Ward famously told us Normo girls that we must “go where the need is greatest,” which is why it is imperative that everyone comes to Ward’s famous Krispy Kreme and Soft Drink stall outside room 30 (the drama room next to the canteen) to support the Baby Milk Project. Whilst there, don’t forget to stop at the Photo Booth to capture the memory of Loreto Day to treasure forever, as a picture says a thousand words. It is $2 per person, per photo. We advise you to hurry over to the stalls as they are quite popular and sell out fast! Honestly, who doesn’t want a scrumptious, delicious doughnut? A glazed doughnut is $3, assorted is $3.50 and a box of 6 doughnuts is $15, whilst a soft drink is $2. Ward Stars shine bright and we are always in the need of more, so don’t forget to support our stall and give generously. Ward thanks all of you in advance for your charitable donations to our stalls and we hope you have a wonderful day with great food, entertainment and friends.


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