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Accept It

Rachael Ainsworth


The word ‘current’.

Currently I’m thinking about acceptance. Currently I’m thinking that everything may just boil down to that.

Currently I’m trying to come up with words to describe acceptance.

Here’s my current problem: I can’t.

I’m thinking that maybe acceptance should be an adjective. Accepting is. Accept. Accept. Accept what? That people are different? I can’t accept that. What is there to accept? It’s not a problem. It’s not something that I have to just leave be. It just is and I’ve never wanted to change that.

If I had a problem with how someone looks or thinks or feels then I would have said something, thank you very much.

I’m a bit frustrated, actually.

There’s so much, everywhere, about how to accept people, or whether you’re doing it wrong, what people want, by other people who, quite frankly, don’t know. The whole point of being an individual is that no one can speak for you, you alone, and yet. And yet.


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