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A Reflection on Year 6 Graduation

By Mia Jones

School bag in hand, I leave home in the early morning as my thoughts revisit precious memories of the last seven years. I wipe a tear from the corner of my eye as I can’t work out whether I am too sad to leave yet so excited about the next stage of my schooling years.

Primary school has provided me with the greatest of learning experiences, coupled with the happiest memories. Laughing down the hallways until I can’t breathe anymore and sprinting across the playground chasing a soccer ball are but two of my fondest memories. I treasure the friendships I have formed and the lifelong bonds I have made with teachers and community alike.

It is Graduation Day and my shoes are the shiniest they have ever been. As I enter the church with my year 6 peers and teachers my excitement turns very quickly to tears as I realize this may be our last time altogether. I sing my school song with much joy and pride and a little sadness. I hold the hands of my friends and cuddle my teachers all the while trying not to let my emotions explode. Nothing really prepared me for the incredible sense of school pride and grief I felt all at the same time.

How blessed I am to have been part of something so beautiful as the last 7 years of Primary School Education. I know that these memories will be in my heart forever and the I will always remember my Year 6 Graduation Day as one of my happiest.


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