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🌲10 Traditional Christmas Foods🌲

By Isabelle Hessey

These traditional Christmas foods are incredibly delicious and mouth watering and if you haven’t tried them… get to it cause your missing out.

Egg Nog – This delicious drink is a sweetened dairy milk, its kind of like a chocolate milk but sweeter and the Christmas version. It is traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites and egg yolks and is usually served with cinnamon. Even though this drink is made with egg so is every chocolate milk and if you don’t like egg then fear not cause the cream and sugar drowns out the flavour.

Christmas pudding – Most people would know this dish and have tasted its delicacy of flavour from your nanna or grandma or mum making it at Christmas. It is usually served with custard and includes a range of different delicious fruits such as cherries and sultanas, raisins, currants and dried cranberries. Christmas pudding is basically a Christmas sticky date pudding but better… cause everything’s better at Christmas.

Whilst this dish is fun to make and eat, in the end when you have the finishing product it is traditional to pour brandy custard on it and light it and it is a very delicious and glorious sight.

Mince pies – Mince pies are scrumptious pies that usually have a star like cutting on the top. It is packed with flavour ranging from dried fruits to spices. This mixture even though has no meat and is sweet not savoury is called "mincemeat".

Stollen/Fruit cake - A Stollen is what they call these delicious fruit cakes in Germany. They are packed with dried fruit and marzipan and are usually always dusted with icing.

Pork Crackling – Everyone should know about pork crackling… AKA The holy grail of Christmas. It is crunchy and very delicious and packed with salty goodness.

Mint sauce and cranberry sauce – These 2 sauces are the perfect pair to have with the Christmas roast like turkey and ham.

Christmas roast – The Christmas roast usually includes an array of golden baked potatoes served with mouth-watering turkey that you slaver in gravy. Stuffing of the chicken is key to complete this dish as it is packed with flavour and will complete this dish… oh but wait what about the delicious glazed ham that sits in front of you waiting for you to devour it. In my family it’s the first thing everyone goes for.

Hot Chocolate – everyone’s knows about hot chocolate, it warms you up with its overpowering chocolate flavour and at Christmas a little addition to your hot chocolate may be marshmallows, whipped cream or even a candy cane.

Gingerbread house – Ahhh the gingerbread house, the traditional piece of art that brings you and your family together at Christmas as you aim to create the perfect icing details just like the box shows but ends up looking like a melted snowman… but nobody really cares because it was fun to construct, and you know will be delicious.

Chocolate wafer rolls – these wafer rolls may be really simple but within they are filled with chocolate that you can’t resist.

So make sure you visit your local woollies or Coles and try these traditional Christmas foods.

You won’t regret it :)


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