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Note from the Editors:

With the timely release of Hollywood's latest blockbuster, Barbie, coinciding with graduation season, the editing team is excited to announce the new issue of The Mary Word. Our latest release, 'One LastWord,' draws inspiration from the film's exploration of the trials and tribulations of growing up, mirroring our own journey as we graduate from 'Normoland.'

Our creative team has assembled a wealth of articles, videos, and playlists centred on Barbie and the broader coming-of-age theme.


Though tinged with a hint of sadness, we hope you can get behind the graduating class to celebrate this year's remarkable achievements.


The outgoing leadership team is incredibly proud of the contributions made by every member over the past year, and we are immensely grateful for the leadership opportunities provided to us through the organisation, design, and creation of the issues released through The Mary Word.


Before we go, we would like to formally announce that the Editors in Chief for 2024 will be Avery Benbow, Tahlia Moses and Nikie Yang. They will be joined by a team of editors who will continue to take our student newspaper from strength to strength. 


Best of luck to the incoming team, and we are all excited to see all the Barbies at the Dove Ceremony.


From The Mary Word Team

Featured Articles:



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