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Waltzing Poseidon

By Nat Hardwick

Gumtrees sway gently in the humid breeze,

Aegean clouds eclipse the bluebell sky.

The wind’s soft whispers become deafening howls,

As the once gentle sways of gumtrees escalate to violent thrashing in its grasp,

So begins Poseidon’s mighty dance.

The cerulean seas shake the land with vicious lashes,

Kangaroos and bush turkeys thump the ground with their swift dashes.

Possums balance carefully and swifty as they hastily take refuge into their wooden homes,

Kookaburras, Cockatoos, magpies and lorikeets unleash frightened screeches while they fight desperately against the merciless gale.

The seas thrashed and the powerful winds howled.

 radiant porcelain lighting struck the earth with a deafening blow,

As all below cowered below.

Wet season has come,

Bringing humid weather but the most important of them all,

A summer storm whose victims name cover memorial walls.

Il Nino has returned,

Ready to perform his strident assault,

The one and only,

Waltzing Poseidon.


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