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Podcasts- give them a listen

By Nicola Rakuljic

As we all are at home participating in virtual learning, you have to admit: watching tv shows all day after school does get boring. You may be reading this going ‘No! I have so many shows that I want to watch, I could never get bored!’, but when we’re stuck in the same environment for an extended period of time, we tend to get bored a lot.

So, if you’re starting to get bored, or if you’ve already watched all the shows you want to binge, try listening to podcasts. There are so many different genres of podcasts that you’re bound to find something that you want to listen to. There are non-fiction podcasts, such as Stuff You Missed In History Class, which goes through important historical events, and fiction podcasts. You can even find TED talks as podcasts, which generally average about 15 minutes each. There are true crime podcasts, there are sci-fi podcasts, there are even podcasts that talk about and analyse books. If you miss Hamish & Andy being on the radio, guess what: they have a podcast!

You can listen to podcasts when you’re on the treadmill, or when you’re walking around in your backyard or around your neighbourhood. You can listen to them in your breaks between classes, or before you’re going to bed. I used to listen to podcasts on the bus, but I’ve had to change that habit now that we’ve started virtual learning, so I listen to them now when I want to unwind and take a break from school. The podcasts that I listen to tend to be more supernatural, sci-fi fiction podcasts, which I know, it’s a very niche genre of podcasts that no everyone is interested in. But that’s the good thing about podcasts: there is one for everyone out there. You just have to find it.

So if you’re interested in listening to some podcasts, give it a go. If you have no idea where to start, search it up online, or download a podcast app and click a random one. If you instantly don’t like it, click on a different one. If you’re vaguely interested in the premise of one, try it. And if you get bored of podcasts, or if you don’t like any podcasts, that’s alright! Trying new things means that life isn’t boring, even if your environment doesn’t change.


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