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Judging You Based On Your Favourite Musical

By Chloe Li, Tanaz Tahery, Charlie King, Amelia Visevic, and Eve Ruming


Hamilton is an American musical by Lin Manuel Miranda, based on the American Revolutionary War. It is truly one for the public speakers and debaters. Not only does this musical involve intense rap battles and America's founding fathers in ponytails, but it also has a deep and appreciated storyline. Just kidding!! Hamilton fans only care about the bliss and popularity of liking Hamilton because they think it means they have a great intellect and therefore are baby geniuses (or teen prodigies either works). However, my point is that Hamilton fans are in it for the distinction or nobility. So if you think that watching Hamilton will dramatically increase your brainpower/ smarts, then you are quite wrong. But, Hamilton is a great play and movie but watch it because you want to for enjoyment, nothing else!!!! (But seriously you chose this? Over Mamma Mia or something????)

Mamma Mia: 

“I work all night, I work all day, I pay the bills I have to pay”. For sure you sing this song, weeping at the fact that you have $1 in your bank account and that you paid 50c for a lollipop which to you is classified as a “bill”. If this is you, one, quit crying in your bedroom about money and two, this musical is called “Mamma Mia”. Mamma Mia, a heartwarming musical featuring love, mystery, drama, and money. Like seriously, are you a singer or dancer, because this must be your No. 1 favourite musical.

Well since you're a singer and dancer, you obviously think that every day is a musical where you're the main character. Is the spotlight on you all the time, are you worried about not getting enough attention? Sorry for the interrogation but you know it kinda does sound like something you’d do. The point is that you sing and dance twenty-four hours a day just to get people to notice you. Am I right or am I right? 

Seriously! You pick Mamma Mia over any other musical, like any. Well, you definitely live and breathe through the most classic musicals. I bet when you're going through a breakup or even just sad about one little test, you grab a tub of ice cream, plop on the couch and just watch this musical like you're a single pringle. Okay, let me say this in nicer terms. You're just a sucker for light-hearted content when you're sad. Fair enough but also an interesting habit. 

Don’t get me started on how you absolutely go bonkers for ABBA music or 1970s music in general. I bet you $100 that at your friend's party, you request Dancing Queen by ABBA just to tirelessly sing to it. Don’t worry about this insanely crazy habit but whoever does this, you're the perfect image of my mother. As much as I think this is an interesting habit, ABBA music has a vibe and just brings you back to your young era. 

Lastly, you're just bothering your parents just to go to Greece. Like seriously!!!!!! You think they're made out of one million dollars. Just kidding, you probably just want to go sooooo bad. 

Your Pinterest board is filled with pictures of Greece, coastal, aesthetic Greek outfits and most importantly, the food!!!! Since the film takes place in Greece, you want to act just like them with having a boyfriend to marry, having three unknown dads and being the daughter of the person who owns a run-down hotel. Overall, you want to reenact the whole musical but in Greece.  

Overall, you are a sucker for Light hearted films/musicals, annoyingly crazy for ABBA music, have only $1 and think that 50c is classified as a “bill” and most importantly, bothering your parents to go to Greece.

The Lion King:

Seriously? Do you choose this musical over all the others? Well, get ready, because you're about to laugh in the face of TRUTH! (And let’s be honest, nobody’s favourite musical is ‘The Lion King’.)

You love to cry.

You for some reason love to cry because it makes you think that you are a part of the movie, or you think you're so empathetic. Why? That is the only question. Why do you like to cry? You're a mysterious human being…

You make excuses that you're not crying.

During the movie, I bet you cried but pretended you just yawned. Trust me, I think it’s fine (because I do it too!) but others make it seem like it’s a ‘big deal’. And from their perspective, now I’m starting to think it’s kind of annoying. But just to clear the air, I really don’t think this is bad. 

You are probably impatient.

I’m guessing you love suspense, since the days of Scar weren't over within a few seconds. I bet you were jumping out of your seat because of the events, even in the songs. Just to let you know, I’m just telling you now that you're embarrassing yourself. No one in the Cinema is telling you because THEY would be embarrassed. Next time you go to the movie theatre, just don’t go pop-rocketing. 

Overall, you’re pretty impatient and a bit of an over-exaggerator, but you can (I’m guessing) be a fast, in-the-moment thinker, and can react greatly to a surprise party.

High School Musical: 

You love Disney drama, but why? It is just the most typical high school drama you can ask for! Every gossip you HAVE to be part of takes its toll, and blasts around the school in a matter of milliseconds with a megaphone. Like, just why? Your favourite subjects are crushes, chemical-like dates and drama with your overreaction to your Romeo or Juliet.

Matilda the Musical:

You enjoy watching young girls succeed. To be honest, you love to have a good laugh at all the comical scenes and themes in the musical and definitely love a big slice of chocolate cake. I cannot begin to tell you what an uplifting, engaging musical this is. You also definitely are too funny to the point where you exhaust people and annoy them. If this is your favourite musical, then you love to take revenge on others when they have wronged you using your brilliant mind and you relish the opportunity. People probably judge you before they get to know you and tell you that no one likes someone that smart. One last thing is that you are someone who likes to break conventions and are not afraid to be yourself and that is a great quality but it can also sometimes get you in trouble, and let’s be honest nobody likes to be in trouble. In conclusion, you love small, intelligent young girls who prove everyone wrong.


Wicked fans who chose this as their favourite musical are constantly talking about how much they love the musical, and the movie, AND the book. They are also OBSESSED with the show, The Wizard of Oz, they want to know the whole backstory to it, hence Wicked. We all know that you pranced around pretending you had magical powers so don’t even bother trying to hide it. You probably like things like Harry Potter which involve witches and magic. 


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