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Casting Teachers: Musicals Edition

Disclaimer: This is just a joke!

Frozen - Religion

1. Snowgies

Ms De Mattia

2. Duke Weselton

Mr Madigan

3. Olaf

Mr Currao

4. Kristoff

Ms Koppman

5. Anna

Mrs Parker

6. Elsa

Mrs Thorburn

Hamilton - History

1. Alexander Hamilton

Mr Munro

2. Aaron Burr

Mr Scali

3. King George III

Mr Rafe

4. Lafayette

Mrs Kachel

5. Hercules Mulligan

Mrs Asquith

6. Eliza Hamilton

Mr MacDonald

7. Maria Reynolds

Mr MacDonald

Mean Girls - Maths

1. Cady

Mrs Halmy

2. Janis

Mrs Solo

3. Damian

Ms Oxley

4. Aaron

Mr Chesterman

5. Mrs George

Ms Stephens

6. Gretchen

Ms Dowers

7. Karen

Ms McLachlan

8. Regina

Mr Abarbanel

9. Glen Coco

Mr Ellis

High School Musical - English

1. Troy

Mr McGee

2. Gabriella

Ms Willis

3. Sharpay

Ms Conn

4. Mrs Darbus

Ms Montgomery

5. Kelsi

Ms Emslie

6. Coach Bolton

Ms Taaffe

7. Martha Cox

Ms Badgery-Parker


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