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The Other Day: Loreto Bush

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

By Emma Gunter and Madeleine Sheerin

The other day, Year 7 integrated were in the Loreto bush. We were doing some investigating about whether to have a tree tops activity place or to not have one in our bush. When we were looking in the bush, we found a whole heap of litter in the creek. This is caused from all the litter we have left in the playground over the years at this school. We need to protect our bush because we have possums, reptiles, and native bees living here; it is our responsibility to protect them. The items we found were a garbage bin, a chair, a pile of plastic bottles, a fire lighter, and heaps more. We did some research and we found out that a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose which is not good.

The way to solve this situation is to use reusable bottles (which we already have). We can return the plastic water bottles to return and earn stations to raise money for the drought or other big issues.

More ways of preventing littering could include implementing a rubbish group and we can give up our lunch or recess and pick up rubbish and earn rewards depending on how much rubbish you pick up. The reward could be 1 merit for each day you help, lollies or stationery.

Littering needs stop, it is hurting our native plants like: rasp fern, gristle fern, purple beard orchid, hooded orchid and so much more. If we don’t stop littering this lovely planet will die out and we will not have these beautiful plants anymore.


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