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The Birth of Ver

By Nat Hardwick

Luna swayed through the crystal rain,

Terra twirls through her ochre plains.

Winter brings sharp winds and peaceful rest,

Summer brings radiant sun and energy full of zest.

But nothing grew from the warmth of summer or the crisp air of winter,

While doing their harmonic dances,

Terra and Luna crossed paths upon their shared land,

They danced together as the rain and earth combined with elegant grace.

When the rain fell upon the ochre plains,

Trees grew and blossoms bloomed from the ochre earth below.

Once Luna and Terra had finished their dance,

They gave birth to a radiant and lively deity.

Before the ancestral stars,

they named her,


When Terra and Luna unite again,

She shall come to bless the earth with her vibrant children,

Until the next season came.


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