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Iconic Grammy Performances

By Sophie Andreou

The Grammy's has been a prominent annual awards ceremony within popular culture since 1959, with its rich history of award recipients including some of the biggest names in the music industry around the world. The Grammy's would not be the Grammy's however without the insane performances that have captivated audiences for decades and it has had its fair share of incredible performances including the talents of MJ, Queen B, Adele… the list could go on.

So here is a couple of my personal favourite Grammy performances over the years!


Tyler SHOOK the stage this year with his captivating performance medley of "EARFQUAKE" and his new release "New Magic Wand" and being one of my favourite artists ever, I couldn’t not include his fiery performance. Dressed in his trademark IGOR pint suit and blonde wig, Tyler begins his performance with the likes of Boyz II Men and Charlie Wilson singing a soothing acapella rendition of "Earfquake". The tone quickly changes as Tyler screams into the mic and brings on an arm of dancers dressed the same as himself, launching into the more chaotic "New Magic Wand". The versatility of Tyler's music made him a well deserving recipient of the BEST RAP ALBUM award and created Grammy history with a dynamic performance.


Another one of my favourite performers took the stage in 2018 with his banger Finesse! A colourful get-up and lights set the energetic mood for Bruno Mars. Cardi B opened his upbeat performance before Bruno and his amazing dancing make a return to the stage. Featuring an awesome dance break from the very multi-talented Bruno Mars, this performance got the whole crowd up and out of their seats. I really just love the energy of this performance and the atmosphere it evidently creates in the room. Have a watch!


Eminem's infamous song "Stan" was performed at the 43rd annual Grammys in 2001 in an unlikely duo with Elton John. The intense performance was complimented with John soulfully both on the piano and singing the chorus. This duo captivated audiences and was the most anticipated performance in that year.


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