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How Celebrities are spreading Happiness

By Sophie Andreou

During this time of uncertainty and panic buying, celebrities around the world are spreading happiness. Whether it is performing an online concert on Instagram live or writing a song about washing your hands, these celebs have brought a positive feeling to the world and made a strong sense of community during this time of self-quarantine.

During this time of uncertainty, many famous musicians have used their popularity to spread some positive feelings and stay connected with their fans. Chris Martin from Coldplay was one of the first to go and Instagram live and give an online concert. This is because he, like many, are in self-quarantine and most major concerts and/or concerts are cancelled for now. After his online concert, many other musicians jumped on social media to start their own.

Soon enough the hashtag #TogetherAtHome became popular, encouraging other musicians to do the same. This includes Keith Urban, John Legend, Charli Puth, Pink, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and more. This online concert was organised by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen. The idea was to unite people around the world during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Another person to jump on social media, and spread awareness in a creative way, was Jimmy Fallon. The late-night talk show host created an original jingle called ”Wash your hands”. His 5 and 6 year old girls were also included in this video, bringing a little bit of cuteness. Jimmy purposely made the video 20 seconds long, which is the amount of time to thoroughly wash your hands according to health experts. Other artists have jumped on social media doing similar things. For example, Mariah Carey posted a video of her with her children washing her hands to one of her hits.

Other celebrities, not just musicians, are pitching in with a “Do your part challenge”. In this challenge, celebrities like Britney Spears, are posting on their Instagram asking fans to share their stories of hard times due to COVID 19 through DMs. The celebrity then picks a few of stories at random and sends them what they need, resources like food etc. This can help out many who are in need right now because of the current situation.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how different celebrities are spreading happiness during COVID-19. This article goes to show how absolutely everyone can spread happiness in a community.


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