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Hockey Superwoman; Ms Greville

An empowered woman is set on what she wants to achieve, and she is focused. She is a force to be reckoned with!

While we know Ms Greville as a part of the sports department and the amazing coordinator of a range of sports like netball, touch football, softball etc. As well as specialities in coaching and personal training along with organising the Hayden Fitness Centre. She has a whole hidden life in her excellence in Women’s Hockey. So we asked her a few questions about super girls and her achievements.

What does an empowered woman look like to you?

An empowered woman to me is someone who is confident and believes in herself. She has goals/aspirations and works hard to achieve them. She is strong but humble. She doesn’t listen to negativity and has a positive attitude. Her mind is set on what she wants to achieve and she is focused. She is a force to be reckoned with!

What advice do you have for girls looking to make a similar impact or for those with passions in similar backgrounds to yours?

The best thing women can do for each other is to provide support and encouragement in all aspects of life. There are too many people in this world that will tell you no, that you aren’t good enough or can’t accomplish your dreams, but if we as women encourage each other, boost that confidence and empower each other, you will be amazed at what can be achieved!

What are the challenges you have faced or continue to face in your current field and how have you either overcome them or are working to overcome them?

There have been many challenges throughout my time not only in sport but in the workplace. I feel in a lot of circumstances, being female automatically puts me in second place regardless of my ability.

I have been driven to change this perception in everything I do. Whether I am encouraging my mum, my sisters, my daughters, my teammates, my friends or the students of Loreto, I want females to know they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves.

Since working at Loreto, I am inspired by all the students and their amazing qualities. Watching what incredible things our girls are achieving across all aspects of life, I have faith that the future's bright regardless of gender.

Who were some role models for you growing up that inspired you to do what you do?

One of my role models when I was young was Kathy Partridge. Kathy was an amazing hockey field player and goalie who represented Australia in two Olympics, one of which included winning a gold medal. She also assisted the Hockeyroos as a goalkeeping coach in three Olympic Games.

Kathy then went on to become the first female coach to enter the Australian men’s program.

Not only was Kathy an inspiration to me due to her athletic performance but also her passion to teach others and lead the path forward for females to coach high-performance female and male sport.

Kathy is also from Armidale, my hometown. Seeing Kathy come from the small country town where I grew up to accomplish so much made me believe anything can be achieved if you put in the hard work and perseverance.


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