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Stream and mountains

A Collection of Poetry

By Natalie Hardwick

Merlot Trees

Scarlet leaves hang from Merlot trees

Swaying gently in the crisp Autumn breeze

The leaves as red as scarlet rubies

Slowly falling like a young maiden’s Beauty

“Swish, Whistle, Crunch” go the scarlet leaves as they

Fall to the umber ground below, welcoming the seasonal

Change as their friends slowly fall from above.

Like our feelings, they slowly change like the summer breeze turning

Into crisp autumn air, it lets us restart before renewing ourselves

As life slowly returns in the warming spring sky as the bruising mist

Clear from the skies revealing the soft vanilla clouds and the joyful bluebell heavens.

As life slowly enters it’s sleep it awaits its destiny to become anew.

Vixen Aflame

Forest afire with ebony burnt oaks

Leaves afloat as warm bread loafs

Her mighty cry echo through the silent trees,

Her fur afire as free as autumn breeze.

her eyes as dark as Ambers ablaze in the crisp autumn air

as her hunt for her prey turns into a stare.

“Woosh, Rustle, swoosh” go the fiery leaves as the flaming vixen dashes through their vibrant blazing colours like a wildfire raging through the innocent woodlands.

A deer gently grazes on the sweet succulent grass in the early morning sun,

She could hear something coming, she knew that she had to run.

So swift and nimble does the vixen fly,

The deer so elegant and sweet knew she wasn’t to die.

The forest so quiet know alive to the sound of the swift panicked feet,

Twisting and turning through the inferno of the autumn leaves,

They come to a crystal clear brook, where the water seems to deceive

The deer takes flight with an athletic leap,

She stumbles and falls into the creek.

The Vixen standing triumphant and proud above her timid prey

She ends its life with a powerful display.

She struggles as she carries her heavy reward

She makes it back to her burrow exhausted but content,

Her pups peek their curious noses to the wonderous scent

Now that they were all fed, and the warmth filled their tender bellies,

The victorious but adoring vixen finally could rest with ease.


Leaves softly twirl in the crisp autumn breeze

As the sun’s warmth on the ground started to disappear

The glow of its light was covered by darkness as the clouds

Covered the sky like a blanket being tossed over a cage

The droplets fell like little crystals falling from the sky

Tap, Tap, Tap goes the raindrops on the slivery window

As the rain becomes faster and stronger like a mighty cheetah

Chasing after its prey while the leaves get crushed by its strength

As tree’s cries fill the forest, animals go to their burrows to hide from

The storm as its power grows stronger and stronger, the forest cries

Become louder as the wind bashes through the branches of its mighty

Trunk tearing down the weaker branches. As the autumn storm calms

The forest slowly quiets as life continues, Autumn has only just come

Akisame will return one day to give our plants the food it needs

To thrive. Akisame gives not only destruction to our life but the

Main element we need to keep our planet thriving. Akisame is

Calm but has a mighty strength that not many possess.

Akisame: Autumn rain

Scarlet Slumber

As the warmth of the sun is slowly fades into the cold autumn mist,

this is the time that the woodland Creatures miss.

Leaves descend from the canopy above,

Softly as they fall like a mother’s love.

Faint rustles in the terracotta leaves,

Appears a life of calm and ease.

His Inquisitive rosy snout,

Snuffle, snort, squeak it goes

As he sniffs about in the scarlet autumn debris with his tiny nose.

He hunts for a quick tasty morsel to keep his tender belly full,

Before his long slumber during the wintry dull.

His tawny spikes as sharp as roman spears above his fluffy ears,

Defending him from his predators and calming his fears.

He digs and nestles into his comfy hold,

as he knows the English winters can be bitterly cold.

He waits for the chilly evenings to find his supper,

Before his daylight rest after his acorn tucker.

As the other animals fall into deep slumber, his moonlit

Walks fill him with wonder.

As the sun rises over the distant horizon, his nightly adventure

Comes to an End til the sun sets again for his moonlit stroll.


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