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Your Guide To Surviving Valentine's Day Single

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

By Elisa Jeong and Rosemary Obrien

Valentine's Day has a rather unique reputation for being a day where people express their love and spend quality time with their partners. However, another year has come and gone and it's that dreaded day for most singles. So, what can a single person do? Until the calendar mercifully moves on to a less loaded holiday like St Patrick’s Day or Easter, is buying a huge tub of ice cream and watching TV your only option? Not to worry, there are many other ways to go about a Valentine's Day single. Spending quality time with yourself, doing the things that you love and that make you happy will be one of the choices that you could make on Valentine’s Day, rather than being stuck at home and not feeling good enough for the public. You don't just have to survive Valentine's Day - It is proven that with a little bit of planning and some dedication into creating a relaxing schedule for Valentine’s Day, you could definitely own it.

People nowadays are constantly talking about which celebrity couple is the most popular of all time. However, most people tend to disagree about which celebrity couple is the hit for the modern-day world based on their opinions and choices. Here we have listed the most researched and popular celebrity couples of today’s time.

  1. Beyonce and Jay-Z

  2. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

  3. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

  4. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

  5. David and Victoria Beckham

  6. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

  7. John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy

  8. Prince William and Princess Kate

  9. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

  10. Elton John and David Furnish

If you, like us, are sick of sorting through the fact and fiction of celebrity couples, and really just want to spend Valentine's Day curled up on the couch watching some cheesy but undeniably adorable tv, here are 5 super cute shows that will make your heart melt!

  1. Never Have I Ever

  2. Heartstopper

  3. Gilmore Girls

  4. Young Royals

  5. Bridgerton


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