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Year 6 Graduation

By Molly Hanly

Those last few days of year 6 feel like a huge deal. Leaving primary, going into high school feels like such a scary thing, and a big change. The little Loreto primary school consisted of 100 girls in year 5 and 6 and a couple of classrooms, while the big high school a couple of metres away was massive! And so, so confusing.

On the day of year 6 graduation, my classmates and I stood out in the undercover area, all in alphabetical order, sweltering in our summer uniforms, blazers, white ribbons and shiny shoes. Excitedly, we all walked up to the chapel, through the huge wooden doors and up the aisle as parents with cameras clicked away. One by one, each of us stood up to collect our little gifts, and as tiny year 6 me stood on the stage behind many tall heads, smiling and straining for my Mum to see me, I couldn’t help feeling excited about moving on to high school. I would be sad to be leaving all my wonderful teachers, but at least my friends would be coming along with me.

Moving onto high school, the next stage of my school career, was really nerve racking. But I couldn’t wait to move to the big high school buildings down the road. I couldn’t wait for what seemed like so much more freedom and excitement. As I sung cruci for the last time as a year 6 student, I knew that while I would continue to sing this song for the next 6 years, this would be one of my last moments spent within the primary learning centre. I was a little sad to say the least.

Change can be scary, and at the time, moving from primary to high school feels like one of the biggest changes of your life, even if you’re only moving a couple of metres away. But I will always be thankful for the experiences primary school gave me. And I can’t wait to continue the rest of my school life.


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