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Why be on your phone these holidays when you can…

By Niamh Hornby and Lilli Durston (Yr 7)

Ever on holidays and have no idea what to do or where to go? Are you constantly on your phone because of boredom and have nothing better to do? Here are some suggestions to keep you amused these holidays!

Laps around your backyard

This is a fun way to exercise outside. You can try this with your pet too, with a fluffy friend chasing you around the yard this otherwise tiresome activity will be great fun!

Write a script and put on a play with your friends/Siblings

Be creative! Putting on a play with your siblings can turn a boring day at home into a medieval adventure of costumes and cameras!


Yr 7: The Medorian chronicles, Gulliver’s travels, Travelling cat chronicles.

Yr 8: Shadowhunters series, Arc of a Scythe, Lord of rings.

Yr 9: Escape from camp 14, the betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, Forest.

Yr 10: Throne of Glass series, 1984, The fault in our stars.

Yr 11: The kill order, the westing game, game of thrones.

Yr 12: rich dad poor dad, pretty little liars, wuthering heights.

Observe nature

Go for a bushwalk, look out your window. There is nature all around us, why don’t grab a journal and write down what you see happening in the world.


Draw a picture! As a gift to someone or just because. Drawing can really help you to destress and be calm.

Walk your dog


Do yoga!!!!

Have some time where you stretch so you can free your mind and limbs. This helps with your mood and helps you to stress less!

Write a Story

Let your imagination go wild! Have fun being creative and adding in characters and maybe a twist or turn, every now and then.


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