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What Year 7 Ward students think about leadership

I posed a series of four questions to five enthusiastic Ward students in Year 7 about what they thought about leadership and this is what they had to say:

Sophia Slater:

Leadership to me is about being a loyal individual and always considering other’s peoples opinions even if personal beliefs clash. It is to make decisions for the community whilst putting individual motives second in importance. A leader should be loyal, compassionate, and kind with all they do. A leader to me is most definitely Maria and Phillipa our School Captain and Vice-Captain, they lead the school really well and I know I can look to them for guidance. My parents also are leaders to me, guiding my family and helping me grow. I believe I am a leader by considering other people’s feelings and making sure everyone is happy with my actions.

Rosemary O’Brien:

Leadership is more than a title; it is how they go about their day-to-day lives. It is doing what’s best for the community and not the individual. To be a leader you should be empathetic, down to earth, and loyal. Leaders to me are the year 12’s who have been so understanding and helpful to me this year, they have been where I am now, and I know they can lead me with kindness. People who stick up for what they believe in and don’t waver in their values are so important to me. I am a leader as I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in, regardless of the judgement I could face. I am passionate about my cause no matter where I am.

Valentina Kurac:

Leadership to me is ultimately a work of guidance, not control, it is interacting with others to help guide them alongside a path right for them. Leading is being the guiding hand. The values that encompass leadership are being empathetic, down to earth and being loyal. My parents are leaders in my life they have gone through so much and have led my family with such strength, they are truly such inspirations to me. Mia Circosta the Ward House Captain is a leader at school she doesn’t look at year 7’s as if they are below her but see us as her equals and it is so amazing for me. I am a leader as a I choose when to use my leadership role; when someone needs help, I will guide but never take control. I am kind, I listen, and I understand when someone requires assistance.

Elouise Preece:

A leader is someone who sets good standards and follows them, they do not waver in what they say, they stick to what they say constantly. A leader should be dedicated, loyal and caring in all of their actions. A leader for me is Mia Circosta as she never shy’s away from anything and never let’s anyone put her down. She is dedicated, happy and inspiring. Her spirit in Ward makes everyone feel positive all the time. I am a leader by being myself and not changing who I am because of others. Leadership is guidance and telling people it is okay to be yourself.

Lucia Daly:

Being a leader is making everyone feel welcome and having a positive community attitude at all times. To be a leader is to be kind, happy and welcoming to everyone. To me leaders are my family as they have guided me through life and help me all the time. Mia Circosta is also a leader as Ward is an amazing place under her leadership. I show that I am a leader by being myself and making people happy with the goal to spread kindness.


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