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What To Wear To The Eras Tour

By Jess Ingham and Tahlia Moses

In case you didn’t know (because you were living under a rock, since that’s the only way you wouldn’t know), Taylor Swift is coming to town. And by town, we mean 4 sold-out shows in Sydney and 3 in Melbourne. Also, conveniently located in some of the largest stadiums in the Southern Hemisphere. So basically, a big deal.

Along with the thrill of the shows themselves, people with tickets around the world have been making themselves feel better about the small(ish) holes in their bank accounts by creating incredibly extravagant and detailed concert outfits to represent each of Taylor’s iconic eras. Hence the name, the ‘Eras Tour’.

So for those of you lucky enough to be attending the most anticipated event of the year (besides the Super Bowl - if Taylor is there), we have compiled a quick brainstorm of outfits or ideas you could adorn yourselves with. 

The following list shows some era-themed pieces along, with a few of Taylor’s most iconic outfits from each stage in her life. Be warned that some may require a fair amount of DIY. 

And if you are Ms Ugonotti - we would like spirit points for Kuring-Gai and Aston (please and thank you).



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Reputation (the best era)






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