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The Birth of Infinity

Nat Hardwick

7 million years ago after the great extinction of the dinosaurs, the radiation from the great meteor mutated the wild monkeys and they became homo sapiens.

Struggling to survive, the gods decided that they needed something to assist them in achieving evolution and survive extinction - they needed something different.

The gods, Solis and Luna, combined their powers to create a mighty tropical storm that swept the lands for many days until a rainbow appeared and from it emerged a woman with long flowing polychromatic hair with butterflies entangled within it. Her eyes were the colour of golden sands of the Sahara Desert and her skin was a mix of pale, fair, vanilla, olive, ochre, and umber with the symbol of infinity on her forehead.

Terra, Solis and Luna appeared before her and declared under the ancestral stars that she would be the mother of a new race of humans who would guide the homo sapiens in their journey to evolution and named her Infinity.

They sent her out across the vast reaches of earth, and she blessed a pregnant woman with the gift of Papilio so that her unborn child will create something remarkable, something… different.

The child was born and grew up with the gift that she was given and when she grew up she discovered how to make fire.

She brought this new discovery of fire to her mother who took her to the chief of their tribe. But before he could destroy the child’s discovery she sprinted toward a pile of earth and set it aflame. The chief was enraged and charged towards her before he felt the comforting sensation of warmth, the once frigid cave turned warm as the people gathered around it delighted by the unfamiliar but pleasant feeling of warmth. The chief’s anger turned to amazement as he praised the girl for bringing the tribe warmth then he asked her what she called this discovery but before she could answer a woman’s voice whispered to her… she was silent for a moment then announced before her tribe that this was...

Ignis, the start of an evolution.

The tribe celebrated this new discovery by dancing through the night until the sun rose again.

Watching Ignis, her first child, succeed in guiding humanity, Infinity was overjoyed and returned to Caelum while thanking the ancestral stars to share her triumph with the gods.

Upon her arrival to Caelum, she proclaimed her success before the gods, and they were overjoyed by her success giving their own thanks to the ancestral stars before presenting Infinity with her next mission.

They bestowed upon her the staff of infinitum which held the gift of the Lupus and the Papilio.

Upon holding the staff, she grew the wings of a golden monarch butterfly so that she could soar across the 7 lands while basking in Solis’s Radiant glow and Luna’s porcelain splendour.

They sent her on a journey to the 7 lands of Terra to spread the gifts and ensure humanity’s future of evolution.

So, on that day the one who whispers in the ears of the neurodivergent people of today,

The one that was created from the remains of a tropical summer storm,

Was born.

Her journey through the 7 lands was an outstanding success and after many decades she was summoned back to Caelum to receive the next gift of the ancestral stars.

Upon her return to Caelum, she gave her thanks to the ancestral stars before entering the temple of the Phoenix where the gods were awaiting her arrival.

The gods welcomed her home and congratulated her on her successful journey of spreading the gifts of Papilio and Lupus. After they gave their thanks to the ancestral stars they informed her that because of her success, they believe she is ready to bear the third blessing.. the gift of Elephas.

They placed the gift within her staff and sent her off to give this blessing to those of shy and quiet intellect.

She gave the gift that fit the personality description that the gods had given her and from the blessing of Elephas came astronauts, actors, scientists and philosophers. While many Infinity blessed considered her gift as more of a burden than a blessing, these concerns were washed away with the wave of pride those that were blessed felt as they achieved greatness and came to help many people.


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