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Summer Holidays Bucket List!!! (Meme Edition)

By Ainsley Benbow

It’s fair to say, it has been a really long year, and your well-earned summer break is nearly here.

From going to the beach to getting a really bad fake tan, summertime is a time for relaxing, recovering and making some pretty embarrassing memories.

You should know you don’t need permission to relax, recover and recharge so you’re ready for next year, take a break from studying and sunbake in the hopefully sunny weather. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do either. But, long Summer holidays can be an opportunity (if you have the energy) to cross a couple of things off your bucket list, and if you don’t know what to do, I have a few suggestions of what you could do (with memes), read (with book recommendations), and most of all, prepare for Christmas!!!

Have a fun and memorable Summer break, remember it goes by fast so, make every moment count :)

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” - From all of our least favourite character in vampire diaries Elena (Nina Dobrev)

Bucket List:

  • Find the best fresh lemonade recipe 🍋

  • Air conditioning at full blast every day (when you are inside and not when it is cold, know you should only do it when it is necessary) 😊

  • Accidentally see a teacher at the shops and slowly walk away backwards as soon as awkward eye contact has been made 😳

  • Try to make a new food or treat in the kitchen - With some hard work and hopefully no food poisoning, try to make your own culinary treat for you and your family 🍵

  • Water gun fight (on those nothing-to-do hot days, get out a cheap water gun and blast it out at your siblings, parents or friends for some fun - try not to get too aggressive) 🔫

  • Watch lots of new and different movies 🏠

  • Go on a camping trip ⛵

  • Pick up a new hobby like learning a new language, learn a new sport or if you are dedicated memorise every lyric from every Harry Styles song 🎵

  • Sleepover and karaoke with your besties 🎤

  • Make a blanket and pillow fort 🧺

  • Write a letter to Santa 📝

  • Decorate your Christmas tree 🎄

  • Create a Summer and Christmas playlist to vibe to 📼

  • Make a Summer 2022-23 Journal 📓

  • Go on a picnic 🥧

  • Family road trip 🚗

  • Dance in the rain (if there is any) ☔

  • Try to watch every single Marvel movie and show you can find 🧙‍♂️

  • Go to a drive-in movie theatre 🎬

  • Get a pot plant and try to keep it alive for at least a week 🌵

  • Ask a random person directions to a place and run the other way 🤨

  • Bring a fishing pole to an Aquarium - No need to use it, just bringing it along will have people confused out of their minds! If the funny looks you’re getting aren’t confused-looking enough, make sure to stomp around your chosen fish tank suspiciously. 🎣

  • Go to the beach with friends and USE SUNSCREEN and BRING A HAT 🤿

  • Start reading a new book series such as Heartstopper or The Summer I Turned Pretty (try not to get to this stage guys, we want all of our sanity to be reasonably neutral this year) 📚

  • Try to get your mind off studying 😅

  • Sleep, sleep, and even MOREEEE SLEEP (just like the cat in this image, we need our quality sleep and as much as we can get in the holidays) 😴

  • Make a perfect meringue (or at least try) 🍨

  • Go for a bike ride on the street or in nature 🚲

  • Go swimming in a beach cave 🌊

  • Go to a theme or water park to try and cool off from the hot weather 🎡


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