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Remedy for a Tedious Playlist

By Sophie Andreou

Looking to spruce up your playlist with some new styles of music?

Sick and tired of the same few songs you listen to on repeat?


I’ll be sharing just a few of my favourite songs now, that I cannot get out of my head.


If my taste in music isn’t for you, please still have a listen; you might end up really appreciating some stuff! These are mostly what I consider a ‘chilled bop’ so if that’s what you’re looking for have a listen.

I am a BIG music disciple and I am always on the lookout, searching through recommended songs/artists on Spotify and friends’ music, to recruit some new music on my playlist that isn’t played to death 24/7 through my AirPods. I hope that I can provide the surreal feeling of finding another awesome song that you can really connect to and appreciate (well that’s at least my real music nerd side speaking and how I view music in my world).

1. EARFQUAKE – Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Tyler released his new album IGOR last Friday the 17th May and his fans (including me) were shook. His musical artistry is totally underestimated being classed as a rapper, but he has proven in this new album as well as his last, Flower Boy, that he can push his style beyond boundaries. Tyler wrote, produced and arranged every track on the album. EARFQUAKE is the most boppy of these songs I’ll share with you, featuring one catchy chorus and an awesome beat (in true Tyler style) as well as a feature verse from Playboi Carti. Tyler sings of a lover he has lost due to his own actions, done over some elegant piano contrasted with askew style of drums and synth.

2. Every Single Thing – HOMESHAKE – Fresh Air

HOMESHAKE in my opinion is such an underrated artist which some incredibly crafted, catchy songs. Canadian-born, Peter Sagar is the brains and voice behind HOMESHAKE, and his song Every Single Thing is a song I go back over and over again to replay on my Spotify. ‘Every Single Thing’, like his other song (also a fav) ‘Give it to Me’, uses a lot of synths, high pitched alterations to the voice and a chilled rock beat. The songs texture is quite minimalistic and includes an interesting section in the opening of dialogue which gives context to the story of the song. The underlayer of the song is repetitive with HOMESHAKE singing about the struggles between two opposite people in a relationship over the top (some killer vocal range!) Collaboratively, the different aspects of the song, although being quite simple, provide a pretty laid-back bop.

3. Patience – Tame Impala – Patience: Single

Many probably know this incredible Australian artist Kevin Parker, as Tame Impala who writes, records, performs and produces all his own music such as the most well know ‘The Less I Know the Better’. The Single, Patience, was released by the Aussie artist this year and has become one of my favourite songs. Often, he produces very Psychedelic rock/pop but this song gives off a more Disco vibe. The groovy piano arpeggios and synths accompanied by a kaleidoscope of auditory illusions if you’re listening with earphones provides an awesome track about how time weighs down on a person. Overall, I am a big Tame Impala fan and would recommend if you like this song to listen to his others.


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