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Primary School Swimming Carnival 2020

By Lola, Sana and Isla

Last Thursday, Loreto primary girls raced non-stop in our swimming carnival. From freestyle to backstroke, butterfly to breaststroke, every girl got involved whether they were racing or encouraging their friends. This year, the swimming carnival looked a little different to usual. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cheer, but each house still found ways to make some noise for their members that were racing.

Congratulations to Charlotte Horbach for becoming queen of the pool and to Chloe Leivesley for fastest swimmer of her races!

Along with competing in tight races, the primary girls weren’t competing just for the title of winning house, but also for the spirit cup! This was given to the house that showed the most enthusiasm and house spirit without cheering. Houses made up clapping patterns, created signs and even just made noise by banging two things together. Every house showed their spirit and it will be hard for the teachers to only pick one house.

Once all the heats of the swimming carnival ended 4 girls from each house were chosen to swim in a relay. One girl did 2 laps of the pool completing a total of 50m then another girl did until each girl in the team had finished. The winner of the relay was. drum roll, please…


Overall, the swimming carnival was an incredible experience for us Loreto primary girls. Congratulations to all the girls that participated whether they were in the pool or not. Good job to the girls who gave it a go and participated in a race even if you didn’t place everyone should be proud of trying there best. Many more events are still to come for the primary girls in the next week!


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