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Meaning and Significance Behind Each Music Fest Song

By Ainsley Benbow

Tasked with responding to the theme of ‘Just Soul,’ each house conductor has worked hard in coming up with unique songs to perform at the highly anticipated Music Festival!

Here I have the meanings behind each of the 8 songs chosen by the Loreto houses as well as statements from their individual house conductors as to why they chose that song for their house and the significance behind it.

If you would like to listen to each house's song, below the album/song cover, I have attached the link to the song on YouTube.


Proud Mary by Tina Turner/Glee Cast (2009)

Proud Mary which has been covered by many different artists and bands has a strong beat and steady-moving funky rhythm. Written by John Fogerty, the meaning of this song traces back to Fogerty reflecting on his life, career and how everyone eventually finds happiness.

Conductor: Lilya Ragg

“The song we have chosen to sing this year is Proud Mary music by Tina Turner Proud Mary by Tina turner is a well-known and celebrated Soul song that encompasses the value of justice and individuality more specifically one’s inner passion and how strengths and struggles are carried. The soulful melody performed by Tina Turner in 1971 is about rolling down the river of life, a metaphor for life's journey. We have chosen Proud Mary as it is an anthem for personal integrity based on a harmonious relationship with God, people, and the whole creation. GO ASTON!”

GLEE - Proud Mary - Full Performance -


Someone To You by Banners (2019)

The song Someone To You by Banners is an incredibly emotional and upbeat song that I have found both listening to and researching enjoyable. The song is a confession of love as Banners just wants somebody to share it with. This song recognises the feelings of loneliness and invisibility but is also hopeful about how when Banners does find that special person, he’ll treat her right in the future.

Conductor: Lana Harmey

“Barry’s song ‘Someone to you’ expresses the struggle to be acknowledged and the passion for finding significance in life and being important to someone.

The song initially wasn’t popular when it was first released but had a massive resurgence and blew up in the 2020 covid19 lockdown. It then took on a new meaning that although the world was isolated “It‘s going to be OK”. ‘Someone to you’ provided hope, even in the toughest of times when the whole world was feeling alone.

This song is raw and truthful and comes from deep in the soul about needing to have a purpose and significance to others in life, being guided and being able to guide others in return.”

Banners - Official Music Video -


You’ve Got the Love by Florence + The Machine (2008)

This song is pretty much a reminder that even though times may be rough and you may be feeling like there is no point in life, God’s love is always stronger and bigger than that and often we seem to forget about God’s unfailing love for all of us.

Conductor: Olivia Heath

“You’ve got the love by Florence, and the Machine is so significant because it preaches the message that God always has love. The song highlights the theme that you are never truly alone and you always have love and support shines through the song. “

Florence + The Machine - You’ve Got the Love -


Lean on Me by Bill Withers (1972)

The message of Lean On Me is that of helping others in their time of need and isn’t just selfless charity. It is about the power of friendship, sticking together, being part of a community and getting through hard times together.

Conductor: Laura Nutt

“I chose Lean on Me by Bill Withers as the song is all about coming together and depending on one another to get through tough times. The song is also super upbeat and the message is really impactful, emulating Kuring-Gai’s motto, many bodies one spirit.”

Bill Withers - BCC In Concert, May 11, 1974 -


Que Sera by Justice Crew (2014)

The meaning behind the song Que Sera can be interpreted as there is no longer a need to worry, in hard times as friendship, our decisions and way of life will guide us through these things and our unity will push us through anything.

Conductor: Sairsha Davis

“Que Sera by Justice Crew is an inspiring anthem of resilience, friendship, and harmony in the face of hard times, that guides us to stand by each other in times of need. The phrase "que sera" means 'whatever will be, will be', encouraging us to be accepting of change and inspire resilience towards the challenges we face.”


Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia (2011)

David Guetta and Sia worked together to produce the song “Titanium” which was immediately a hit and we could all remember it from Pitch Perfect. This song talks about finding inner strength even when the world seems too dark and challenging and when bad things happen, we must stand strong and not fall. This positive and incredibly emotional song had a very empowering message to give to all going through tough times such as bullying and it has a strong moral everyone should learn about.

Conductor: Ella de Vos

“The song Titanium composed by Sia and David Guetta displays the message of determination when overcoming the struggles that life throws at you. Titanium is a strong metal that in the song is metaphorically used to highlight a person's inner passion and strength.”

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia - Official Video -


Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake (2016)

This song is about dancing, being happy and not caring what others think. From the music video, we can see everyday people dancing during their work, chores or everyday leisure. The song was written for the movie “Trolls” (2016) and from the movie scene we can see that the trolls start singing and dancing to try and distract the monsters and it works and even the monsters start dancing too.

Justin Timberlake - Official Music Video -

Trolls - Can’t Stop the Feeling Scene -


Pompeii by Bastille (2013)

The meaning behind the song Pompeii by Bastille is about how we are all struggling and trying to cope with our own pain and consequently it comments on how we can relate to others and form new and true relationships from this. This idea of hurting and healing with others is important for us as humans to show emotions and not just repress them instead.

Conductor: Lucy Harrison

“I chose Pompeii by Bastille as Ward’s song as I believe it encompasses the music festival theme of 'Just Soul’ and explores the idea of unifying various marginalised communities through the breaking of stigmas and stereotypes. It also shows how music acts as a catalyst for new relationships to be formed and how music is so important for us as humans.”

Bastille - Pompeii - Official Music Video -

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