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Loreto’s Got Talent

By Amelia Moyes, Sasha Buchanan and Luci Durston

For weeks and weeks, students and groups have been practicing their talents for the upcoming Loreto’s got talent. The rules are simple. You perform an act that is not over a minute and thirty seconds, and the teachers will judge your performance.

Then, if you get into the finals, you entertain teachers from the high school and your performance can go on for as long as you like.

Lots of talented girls tried out for the heats, showing the primary school their talent in groups and in solo acts. From singing, to dancing, to comedy acts, everyone was super entertaining to watch. In the heats, students from Year 5 and 6 played instruments like the drums and the flute, did jazz and contemporary dances and lots, lots more. But only 19 people could make it into the finals……

It was very difficult for the judges to choose the three winners. However, in the end with 3rd place was Carissa Kidner, with her outstanding contemporary dance. Taking out 2nd place was Grocery’s R Us, with a hilarious skit based in a super market. The 1st place overall winner was Carina Wen who played a moving piano piece from the movie “Mulan”.

There were also some people that were called up onto the stage because they just missed out on a trophy. Special mentions to Isabella Moretti with a powerful taekwondo/dance performance, and Charlotte Barnett with an excellent dance.

Everyone who tried out for this awesome event were fantastic. It took great courage and enthusiasm to get up in front of the whole primary to perform their amazing tricks. They should all be proud of their achievements and doing what they love best.

The 2020 Loreto’s Got Talent finalists were:

Monique Travers, Emily Nguyen, Bianca Buchanan, Grocery’s R Us, Umbrella, Sammy Zahra, Isabella Moretti, Isabella Forder, Josie Milkins, Emma Taylor and Zara Traini, Carina Wen, Zoe Kha, The Chameleons, Carissa Kidner, Evie Byrne-Fister, Mia Basic, Ava Carroll, Kaitlin Cuthbert, and Charlotte Barnett.


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