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Is the romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper real?

By Ella Angell

The 2019 Oscars took place recently, and Lady Gaga and co-star Bradley Cooper stole the show with their performance of “Shallow” from the movie, A Star Is Born. After the performance, however, everyone was left with the same question. Was the romance seen throughout Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance real or just really effective acting?

These queries came around because just before the Oscars, Lady Gaga had announced her split from Ex fiancé and Talent Agent, Christian Carino as well as the chemistry seen from the co-star’s on-stage performance.

Former Spice Girl, Mel B put her thoughts forward about the performance.

In an interview on “Good Morning Britain” Mel B said that the whole situation made her feel uncomfortable and that she felt sorry for Cooper’s partner Irina Shayk who was in attendance, watching his and Gaga’s performance


During the performance you could see the love and intimacy between both stars. Lady Gaga, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, was asked the question regarding her and Cooper’s romance in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel and responded with “From a performance perspective it was important to all of us that we were connected all the time… when you sing love songs, that’s what you want people to feel… I’m an artist, and I guess we did a good job”.

How did you feel about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance on Shallow even though their chemistry was staged?



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