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Interview with the Hosts of Music Festival

By Lara Al Amri- with special thanks to Jayda Gursel and Bella Humphries

As Music Festival is just around the corner I sat down with the hosts Jayda Gursel and Bella Humphries to discuss how they feel about the lead up to and what they are looking forward to.

Question: How do you feel with the lead up to music fest?

Jayda: “I am very excited for music fest, especially as we are getting closer to the big night. I cannot wait to see every girl shining on stage and having a good time. I am very proud of the hard-work and time our school has dedicated to music this term, and I’m looking forward to Normo putting on a great show for the audience!”

Bella: “Music Fest is fast approaching and I couldn’t be more excited! All the different elements are really starting to come together and its sounding and looking great. The house choirs all performed wonderfully in the dress rehearsals yesterday, the script is being finalised, and the auditioned solo and group items are getting better and better with every rehearsal.”

Question: What are you most excited about

Jayda: “I am most excited about the first half auditioned acts. The pieces are stunning and I know the girls have been working hard to polish their performances.”

Bella: “I’m probably most excited about getting to host with the Music Captain, Jayda. Music Festival is such an enjoyable and exciting night in the school calendar and it is such a privilege to be hosting such an event in our final year at Loreto. I’m also really excited for everyone to get to see the group dance item, in which 14 girls from years 8, 9 and 10 and performing a jazz and contemporary number. It looks brilliant and it’s wonderful that these girls are bringing dance back to Music Festival.”

Question: which house do you think will win?

Jayda: “Maye!! (not bias at all). But I think it’s going to be a very close call!!”

Bella: “It’s probably still too early to call it, but based off yesterday’s rehearsal I think both Kendall and Kuring-Gai have a very good chance of winning best choir! I also thought Mornane sounded great – no bias of course.”

Question: Can you explain the theme of music fest?

Jayda: The theme for this year’s music fest is Awakening out Spirit. It reminds the school community how we are connected through music, and how music allows our hearts and minds to be transformed, or “awakened” into a new state. Music Festival is about celebrating life with enthusiasm, excitement and pride in our school. This theme encouraged conductors to choose a song that has the power to unite and inspire the spirit of the audience, connecting everyone in a way only music can and sharing a powerful message to audiences that will be carried into their hearts long after they leave the ICC.

Question: what do you think of light entertainment for this year’s show and are you excited?

Bella: Anna Mossie (Mornane house Performing Arts leader) has done such a brilliant job in creating and leading Mornane House in their 2018/2019 Light Ent performance, forming a routine that beautifully embodies this year’s theme ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. The Mornane girls have been rehearsing passionately and are more than ready to perform in the ICC next week, having enthusiastically been putting their energy and talent into rehearsals since early last term. I am really excited to see the girls perform again and hope the audience enjoys the performance.

Question: How do you feel being boarder accompanist?

Jayda: I feel very honoured to be boarder accompanist this year! I have loved working with Imo this term and am really looking forward to performing “Time After Time” at music fest.

Question: what past year has been your favourite music fest and why?

Jayda: “Every music festival has been special to me for various reasons. Last year, I especially enjoyed performing “When You Believe” with my friends in the first half and being a part of Ms Watkins special act. However, my favourite music fest would have to be in 2015, in year 8, when I was Maye house accompanist and won ‘Best Accompanist’. It was a lot of fun and an experience I won’t forget.”

Bella: “It’s difficult to pick just one! Every Loreto Music Festival I’ve been a part of has been such a fun and exciting community event that I look forward to every year. My favourite so far would probably be the 2018 Music Festival when we sang ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham’, as I was a stage crew member for the evening and I think the house sang beautifully and really came together. However, Music Festival this year is looking pretty good!”


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