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How I survived 2020 as a high school student

By Kayla Valenzuela

Let me start off by saying that the year 2020, as we all know, has been quite an intense year. We all have felt scared about the unknown that the pandemic has brought, or felt down about the events or activities we may have missed.

But something I personally struggled a lot with was the increased negativity that I was feeling. I think its very easy to fall into a viscous cycle of negativity during this pandemic. We tend to focus on what we have missed out on, due to the negative effects of COVID-19. But something that has helped me through this unprecedented time has been trying to reduce that negativity in my life.

Trying to stay open to the new ways that we have to live or the different way that school life may appear, has really helped me. I think trying to have an open mind to all the changes helped me to be feel more positively towards the situation.

I also think its very important to surround yourself with people who care about you and are there to support you through these difficult times. I am very thankful to my family and friends who have supported me throughout this year. I also think the school has provided us all with an amazing support network; all the teachers and staff have been very understanding and positive during this time, which I have to say has definitely rubbed off on me. I think all of year 12 can safely say that they have been of a tremendous help to us.

Another thing I did to help me get through 2020 as a year 12 student was exercise. I think its super important to take a break from all the studying and stress and try to get some exercise in. I found that even some simple walking or going on a hike helped me so much to clear my mind and help me to de-stress. During quarantine I loved going on long walks with my dog, going on bike rides with my family or even playing basketball with my family. The part I love most about exercise is the opportunity to be in nature and enjoy the fresh air. After an intense study session I always find that exercise helps me get some energy back and be able to be more productive in the next study session.

Ultimately, I feel that having a good support network, surrounding yourself with positivity and getting enough exercise or spending time outside definitely helped me survive year 12 this year. So to all those who will go through it, keep those tips in mind and it will hopefully help you.


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