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Have a very Swiftie Halloween

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

By Rose Cunningham

If you still aren’t over the fact that Taylor Swift is commanding hoards of her “Swifties”, selling out the cinemas and still hasn’t released resale tickets, or just need a little bit more of her GirlBoss confidence, here is a list of ways to make your Halloween costume that little bit more Taylor. Who knows, maybe you will be rising from the dead as Taylor herself.

1. LWYMMD Taylor

If you want to emulate the “Blondie in a bath” look from ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ then this costume is a must. Turn up the glitz and glam and get your Christmas decorations ready. All you need is some tinsel, strings of gems and a whole bunch of glitter. A shimmery silver dress can be found easily, but if you don’t want to go all out, find some pops of silver or keep reading for some other ideas.

2. Shake it off Taylor

Ready to get your groove on and cheer on the little kids who are nervous to ask for some lollies? Shake It Off and let your inner 1989 queen shine through. A blue skirt with a white top will be your best friend. Find some bright yellow ribbon and sew, glue or pin it to the top and skirt and you will be emulating one of my favourite music videos.

3. Anti-Hero Taylor

Hmmm. A swiftie in disguise? This Taylor Swift Halloween costume is perfect for a low-effort, low-cost but fun take on a Halloween classic. A patterned sheet from salvos and a pair of “bejewelled” glasses will be all you need.

4. Speaking of being Bejewelled…

A black cloak and some stick-on gems and you can be shining just like Swifterella from the Bejewelled music video. This look can also be used for a costume from the Reputation tour when paired with a black leotard and some glitter! If you want to go even more all out, find some larger stones and a black leotard and get ready to slick back your hair to be a walking infinity gauntlet (Marvel crossover?)

5. 1989 tour Taylor

Many of us have listened to Taylor Swift's 1989 album, and this outfit from the corresponding tour is quite possibly one of my favourites. Find yourself some sparkly skirts, fabrics or tops, and you can recreate this outfit for a fun Halloween party. I love that you could pair these pieces with a wide range of other clothes to create a wide range of outfits.

6. The Man

If you and your bestie want to rock a costume together, go as Director Taylor and ‘The Man’. Get a red top and light flannel around your waist, a pair of headphones if you want to direct the scenes around your place, and a fake moustache with a pair of white shorts and a white t-shirt to complete the look of the man.

7. RED Taylor

A red lip and cat eye will never go astray, especially with the bold yet laid-back look from the RED section of the Eras Tour. This outfit is very easy to recreate: a pair of black shorts (denim would work too) with a white top and lettering - just go from the pictures and you can’t go too far wrong. Create your own slogan or take inspiration from the ones in the image, and you can be on your way to an epic outfit!

8. Junior Jewels

Nerdy Taylor? Sign me up! Such an easy outfit to make and you can get everything you need at the dollar store- or you probably have it already! Find a white top and your Sharpies and there you have it! Write lyrics, names or quotes all over the shirt once you grab a great big Sharpie and it’s done before your friends ask “Are you ready for it”.

With the Eras movie out and about, I really do hope I see some of these spectacular Halloween outfits on my way out on Tuesday night! So to those who celebrate “Happy Halloween” and to those who don’t - I hope Tuesday is a delightful day with perhaps a little sprinkle of mischief.


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