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Fear- A short story

By Mia Jones, year 7

She was screaming, falling, helplessly through the air. I stared straight up into the poor little girl’s eyes. I smelt fear, sweat and tears. Then I started to think. Hard. Words and thoughts passes in and out of my brain faster than light. But as I tried to get up my body forced me to stay on the cold, harsh, ground. I pushed even though every part of my body ached with pain, guilt and all this trauma. But I just laid there, numb struck, terrified and helpless. I had to save. But how? So, I closed my eyes and started to remember.

“Now darling you have to remember, every hour lather yourself with one more layer of your all-natural B.P.A free sunscreen,”

“I know, I know mum,” I answered rolling my eye. “now just let me go already,”

“ok my darling plum go, go and now and be free,” wiping away a tear, my mum gave me a quick kiss and hurried me on the plane.

I opened my eyes. I looked left then right. The smell of gasoline filled my nose as I tried to scramble off the floor. The taste of blood mixed with rocks and dirt trickled down my mouth. I started to wiggle and wiggle towards the little girl. I finally reached her. My heart was throbbing so loudly in my aching chest I could nearly hear it.

“Hello,” I whispered to to girl.

No answer.

“Can you hear me?” I asked a bit louder this time. I reached out my bloody hand to check her pulse.

Nothing. I was too late. Tears came streaming down my face. Then the sound of sirens came rushing toward me. People shouting and screaming. I closed my eyes. I think I fainted. I killed her, and now its time to face the reality, I could have saved her, but it was too late.

I have lived with this fact for twelve years. Now I will live with it for another ten or more. But that’s just reality ad everyone has it face it.

Even you!!


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