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Creating a Sense of Calm and Peace in your Home

By Hallebeth and Mia Jones

1. The first and most important part of creating a sense of peace in your home is to be rid of clutter. It is hard to relax when there is chaos surrounding you, so make sure that you contain your clutter by having a dedicated space for it.

2. Use Music. When tempers start to rise and you are finding it hard to get along with your family play some relaxing music. It helps to play soothing music while you are having dinner so that the mood is calmed. In the mornings try to play energetic music so that everyone has the chance to start the day on a high note.

3. Be strict about no-phone zones. Technology can often disturb the calm if you can hear constant alerts. Phones have a way of keeping us on edge so if you want to create a calm living space dedicate areas that are not allowed the interference of technology.

4. Pray when you get up in the morning. By praying it can help you to feel more peaceful when you ask God for the peace and also for wisdom. Feeling the presence of God can help you as a reminder that you are taken care of and listened to.

5. Place a small vase in every room. "I consistently keep fresh flowers all over the house," says etiquette coach Heather Post. "No matter how messy the house is, they add a touch of beauty and serenity, and it's a cheaper solution than you think. I buy one bouquet at the supermarket and divide it into small bunches. Even the process of changing out the flowers weekly has become its own calming ritual."


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