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Christmas Gifts on a Budget

By Sara Horan

Christmas is a hard time. It can be a frenzy of rushing out to the store last minute and spending a bit too much time around your uncle who only knows how to ask how school is going, while the sun is beating down on your face. It isn’t what majority of us would call enjoyable. But I think we are all in agreement that Christmas can be a great time for giving to our friends and family who we care about so much. However, finding the perfect gift with a budget can be difficult. So, to help you with your holiday shopping, here are some great Christmas Gifts on a Budget.

1. Food Care Packages

I’m taking a wild guess that your friend or family member eats food and if they do the Food Care Package is the perfect gift! Christmas is a time for eating a generous amount of food, anyway, so why not add to it? The food care package is a very well-rounded gift that majority of people on earth would love to have. It’s easy to buy some food and a pretty bag to gift.

2. Printed Pictures

Gifts should be from the heart. What better gift than great memories? Majority of people don’t have time to print out pictures to put around their room, so printing out pictures really is a lovely thing to do. It doesn’t need to be too fancy but makes a nice gift to remind them of your friendship.

3. A Box of Love

If you’re really down on your funds, I recommend this gift. It’s a rather simple idea. Find yourself a box and wrap it up prettily. When the lucky person opens it up to find a box, tell them it is full of love. It works every time. Thought it should be warned that this is not a suitable gift for Secret Santa or someone who is expecting a good gift, so some might take offence to this gift.

4. Stickers

Stickers can be super cheap but can also mean a lot. It’s the perfect gift for personalisation of a friend’s laptop or other objects. Places such as Redbubble offer a variety of stickers for your friend’s favourite shows, hobbies and likes – all mainly under $5. It is something that can be appreciated year-round.

5. Compliments

While this idea takes a lot of effort, the thought will definitely count. Get yourself a pretty jar and fill it with bits of paper, complimenting why you like this person. So, when they are feeling down, they can look back on it. I mean, everyone needs a bit of an ego boost during the holidays.

6. Friendship Bracelets

While a bit childish, a friendship bracelet can be a cute (and cheap) gift between friends. I know many friends who own friendship bracelets and proudly show them, grinning like 5-year-olds.

Christmas is a time of year where we show our friends how much we love them but spending lots of money on a piece of jewellery is a bit excessive. I hope you’ve gotten a few ideas for something simple that won’t leave you in debt.


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