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An intro to Meme Culture

Camila De La Cruz

What are memes? It could be seen as just an image or perhaps a new language of the internet or even an entire culture. Memes started when the internet started, as the internet grew, memes became a prominent feature of the internet.

Famous Meme templates

Lesson learnt; meme creators are lazy like I am and creating this very ‘original’ meme definitely took me a very very long time to make.

There’s many meme templates, many more than I could include, but here are some of the most iconic and popular.

Distracted boyfriend meme:

Hotline Bling Drake yes/no meme:

Two button meme:

Fandom memes

Because what’s a fandom without the memes, right?

This is always the weird part of the fandom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of a tv show, band or musical artist, video game, Youtuber or whatever; meme creators will always feed the meme-thirsty fandom.

Facebook memes

This one is a bit confusing because there are two types of memes that are both referred to as “facebook memes”. This first is perhaps the cringiest I will put in this article... Minions.

Also, those memes with the massive font that were popular in the early 2010s.

Despite the cringiness, these were the start of the meme era of the internet and will never be forgotten as the origin of internet meme culture.

A new type of ‘Facebook memes’ has recently emerged, theres are often abbreviated to “fb memes”. Well anyway, these are my favourite kind of memes currently, to the extent that I have currently over 100 memes saved on my Instagram. Here are some of my favourites.

When your social media feed strictly consists of only fb memes, you tend to want to make some of your own.

Warning: I can’t guarantee that any of these are good.

And the big question

If memes are now considered part of “internet culture”, then it should be quite easy to write an entire essay about Generation Z using purely memes as evidence.

And thinking of this, what do memes actually say about our generation?


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