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15 things all new Normo girls need to know

By Sophie Ainsworth, Kate Forman and Indra Ventura

Starting new at Normo can be tough so we thought what better way to help new girls but to write a couple of helpful tips we wish we had when we started!!

So here we go, these are the 15 tips we thought would be most important to know:

1. Make sure you keep your phones away and locked in your locker otherwise a teacher will take it off you.

2. For the year 8, 9’s and 10’s set dance is an experience you will remember. Remember to be yourself and just have fun with it.

3. When walking along the roads within the school grounds watch out for the maintenance men in the buggy, they always show up out of nowhere.

4. Keep your eyes up in the corridor (as it is most likely that you will run into someone) and make sure to say HI!

5. Treat your laptop with the most respect and keep it in your laptop case as hotswaps are super difficult to work with.

6. Steer clear of the Maye and Mornane corridors when you have assessments, we all know how busy they get.

7. Do not be late for assembly as the awkward stares you receive as you enter will make you never want to do it again

8. When you book a conversation with your tutor/advisor, make sure to remember it, as coming up with a valid reason for forgetting is quite difficult.

9. If you are allocated to bring in cake for tutor group or year time do not forget otherwise you will never hear the end of it.

10. Make sure you remember your diary when leaving class, the awkward encounters with some teachers when you don’t have your diary is quite frightening.

11. Sometimes you may encounter a possum on the school grounds but don’t be alarmed it is very friendly but keep a tight grip on your sandwich.

12. Remember your ID every day!! You don’t want to be caught arriving late to school/leaving early without one.

13. Make sure you get to the cafe early as you don’t want to show up when the line already reaches the Mary Ward quad.

14. The best thing about doing an IGSSA sport is not the exercise but at the end of term there is the best pizza lunch you will ever experience.

15. Don’t be afraid to pull out your best moves at Long recess and dance until you can’t feel your feet.


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